What is Common Everybody?

Common Everybody is an online platform that directly connects school children, one-to-one, within school partnerships.

Students fill out a profile and are matched with a “friend” in a partner class based on compatibility. They collaborate on projects together that explore common ground that help to nurture curiosity, open- mindedness and empathy. Selected projects and school news is celebrated with the wider school community on a shared gallery web site.  And some stuff just stays private between friends.... :-)

Putting children at the heart of your school partnership  provides a unique and enriched dimension to the old fashioned, top-down partnership model.  Working alongside a friend for a couple of years makes learning about a new culture interesting, real and relevant for all children and gives schools a natural momentum as to how and when they connect.

Our platform has been co-created with teachers from rural schools in UK, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Uganda and ensures that the educational benefits are mutual and symmetrical too.  

  • Simple for teachers to manage and easy for students to use 

  • Projects designed for KS2 and KS3 for schools almost anywhere in the world

  • Secure software platform works for all mobile or fixed devices. 

Benefits for Learners and Schools

Personal and engaging ....

  • Active global citizenship - increased awareness and advocacy

  • Builds awareness, understanding and empathy between cultures

  1. Engages all learners, not just the “hand-raisers” and enthusiasts

  • Multiple friendships provide constant momentum for your school partnership to thrive

  • Online social skills and digital literacy.

  • Wider community engagement through a shared partnership gallery 


How do we get started?

Try it!   You can try the platform without any cost or any obligation for a trial period.

We recommend schools start off by partnering up with one or two year-groups between the two schools. The most popular year-group to start with is year-4 (ie: 8/9 year olds).

Both schools need to have a basic level of ICT equipment and internet-access.    We provide the software, support and all the content you need.   All you need to bring is school-children!

If you’re a teacher, please email us and we’ll explain more and show you a demo of the platform: support@commoneverybody.com 

About Us

Common Everybody is a social-enterprise, based in London, UK. We are passionate about the power of school partnerships to boost active citizenship amongst children and to underpin other positive outcomes for developing-world schools.  We believe friendships can shift attitudes, broaden horizons and help children become better global citizens.   Do you?

Contact Us

If you’d like more information or have a query please contact us at  support@commoneverybody.com

Demo shared gallery