Common Everybody teams up
school-children across the world

This is the story of Josephine and Sophie

I’m 9 years old and in year 4 at Nakayoyi Primary School, Uganda

I’m aged 9 and I’m in class 4M at Hill Primary School, Sheffield, UK

Their schools are linked using

Common Everybody

Common Everybody matches learners together ...

They do projects together that explore common ground and broaden horizons....

The secure platform is loaded with great projects for learners to work on together. This makes it easy for conversations to evolve between children in different cultural-settings and provides continuous momentum to develop their friendships. 

This first-hand familiarity and friendship can transform how children see the world and has the potential to re-wire how a generation thinks about people in other countries and cultures; and promote empathy, open-mindedness & curiosity. 

...and swap news and message each other....

"I'm looking forward to making a new friend because we can chat and share skills"

Patrice P2, Rwanda 

... and they can message each other in a safe environment, overseen by teachers that enables schools to easily run high-impact international partnerships. 

Friends... learning about each other’s lives and changing attitudes as they go...

It’s fun to have a friend in the UK... and learn what things are like there

I’m starting to know what life’s like in Uganda… and hope Josephine and I will stay friends forever

All this is easy for both teachers to manage

Learners fill out their profiles online before being matched with their new friend. Each friendship pair is issued with a Certificate of Friendship and then the fun begins!  Projects are clearly briefed to teachers, learners complete each activity and the joint outputs can be discussed in class and of course at home. Teachers can easily track class progress via a simple traffic light system against each project and student.

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Great for learners, teachers and parents

  • "It’s given our family a window into another world"

    Parents of Y4 child, London

  • "Our school feels connected to the other side of the globe"

    Teacher, Rwanda

  • "... it would be amazing to have a friend all the way in Africa and to maybe create a long lasting friendship!

    Morwenna (11)          Year 6  - London, UK 

  • "At last, we feel connected to the world, and it feels good!"

    Teacher, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

  • "I'm looking forward to making a new friend because they are good people like us"

    Aine (7), P2, Muganza Rwanda

  • "Our kids are often in a bit of a bubble.  This helps them see beyond it"

    Deputy Head, Sheffield UK